I accepted the challenge,and i went into war.

No brave one could be fought without strategic losses,so i was prepared.

I wouldn’t say the weather was alright,but i braved myself.

I knew i had to take the position,after all i was bestowed.

I fought the war and it got to my head,

The blood I drained

Fueled my strength!

Nothing i felt better than to pierce all straight to the chest.

It grew,and i knew what i had to do.

Get the head,and head back to the state.

But then i got bitten,

a secret weapon that made me less smitten.

I became paralyzed,

Incapable to utter,but quick to give in.

I watched,how skilfully  unleashed his sword

He had the element of surprise,

Took me by surprise,

and without wavering,he made his way to my heart.

And took away as a souvenir,a part.

He SLAYED me,and now i remain,his slave.





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