So meek, yet so sleek
His smiles of Malice though, they make me sick.
Yet he still sits,
At the corner of my mind And sticks.
All those beautiful pics,
A sparke in my heart he definitely lits.
Though I try hard to put this off,
I can’t find a window to throw him off,
Neither a door to shut him off.
This is too much, enough!
But then again, he is like a candy coated blunt, I can’t help But take a puff.
Yet still I find myself talking to the inner me,
I’m like ‘Yoh Dee’
‘Yes me’
You can’t stoop to be so meek.
A dog’s boot you wont lick.
I thought you being so sleek.
Gather yourself and be quick!
But still.,
My inner demons never remain still,
Determined they always remain still.
For his heart, they plan to steal.
Mind clogged up with his reminiscion.
It was never a matter of discussion.
This is indeed a drug, and I can’t help But fall into its addiction.


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