The other day I dreamt about you,

Truth is, Sometimes, At times, okay most times, I think of you.

You Taught me many things I never knew, 

And each day I looked at you, 

That amazing love felt brand new. 

Never was it in my wildest thought, 

That I would Trade you For something that cannot be bought. 

he took you away, without my intersests at heart, 

And left behind a  mearly scattered heart. 

This creepy and heartless threat, 

Brought me further to the one’s I thought I had met. 

Then before I even knew it they all left.

OOh how i miss the days before you went,

Before maturity tapped me and said ‘ hey im next’ 

Still, Sometimes I think not, you shouldn’t have ever left. 

I mean, You could have helped me up that horse,

‘Could have held my hand when they operated on my nose.

You could have seen me receive all those tremendous Awards, 

And have me Teary just by your applause. 

But,  I get, I understand it was never your course.

Well, its quite clear we can barely heal from the scars death caused.

For You 

Mwelesa Senior!




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