The crowd said,

‘Yes we will surely be glad to watch you lose’

but you see, it is also written that the capstone was the stone the builders refused.

No!wait,wait, it is not yet time to be moved.

What you should know is about Christ,i think you’ll be pretty much amused.

Because ,i was just a fragile soul until He made me a muse,

Yet I was the one who always got beat down and left feeling abused,

Always loyal to the crowds say until i realized i just got used.


The crowd said,

You ought to know every single verse of Nicki’s latest rap.

So you’ll sit down and make sure you know all the abc’s of that rap.

Yet still,not even a bible verse a day to call it a wrap.

Why?They’ll tell you that’s crap.

But when you realize the magic behind God,you will be in awe and have no otherwise but to eventually clap.


The crowd said,

money,sex,drugs is what you actually need.

But you see,just like T412 I don’t even know what that means.

Because I know God,and He says’Dear I just needs you on your knees’

Because at the end of the day,its Him i will ever need.


The crowd said,

You are quit weak.

You’ll back out even before the end of the week.

But i’m still here and i see i’m getting rather sleek.

Because this guy I serve,He is never meek.

He told me my child,a dog’s boot you will never lick.

And guess what,i believed.


The crowd still said,

‘You’ll never amount to anything.’

I laughed and said,the God i serve can give me pretty much anything.

Because you see,unlike you,He made actually, everything.

And you can sit there and mock all you want, but God will always be the in-thing.

So yes,the crowd has no say because i’m a christian and that’s just my thing!

#sucker for God!


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