Dark nights,smiling glows,
Ooh! how she wishes that love will actually grow.
So she sits, and sees ,how this conversation goes,
How far the river of flattery simply flows.
But you see,He makes her smile,
How he drives her close to a thousand and one miles,
Aaaaw😊 Isn’t that just nice?
At least she gets to smile even if its just tonight.
But sadly,it may be just for the night.
You know how the morning is, with all its lights?
Illuminating that maybe he isn’t that big in might,
And by might,
i mean ,maybe, he isn’t capable of making that smile bright.
Probably its just a passing rite.
Maybe a sting that only hurts at night.
So maybe she’ll think to sue this so called ‘Knight’
But even then,maybe they were just sipping from that ‘drunk love’ portion alright.



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