On ledges,
Sighs of fear
And you are there trying to balance that tear.
Breathe 😣
So you let it all in and with that thrust,you Push it all out.
The days you were shut out,
The nights your thoughts slept out,
The words you felt,yet you couldn’t let out.

I agree,
Some days,we have long days and that is never our decree.
For indeed if it was up to me,
I would definitely rid this off me.
I am not alright! 😩
I fall a couple of times.
I sweat sometimes,to even come up with these lines.
They say your fate lies in your hands.
But mine is not for me to decide.
Lord,i do not understand what you are doing,but i will surely Abide.😌



Dark nights,smiling glows,
Ooh! how she wishes that love will actually grow.
So she sits, and sees ,how this conversation goes,
How far the river of flattery simply flows.
But you see,He makes her smile,
How he drives her close to a thousand and one miles,
Aaaaw😊 Isn’t that just nice?
At least she gets to smile even if its just tonight.
But sadly,it may be just for the night.
You know how the morning is, with all its lights?
Illuminating that maybe he isn’t that big in might,
And by might,
i mean ,maybe, he isn’t capable of making that smile bright.
Probably its just a passing rite.
Maybe a sting that only hurts at night.
So maybe she’ll think to sue this so called ‘Knight’
But even then,maybe they were just sipping from that ‘drunk love’ portion alright.




Dear old me,
I remember not being picked.
I recall not being missed,
Even by those I always missed.
‘Maybe its your mischief’ they said
‘Maybe I just want to be commander in chief’ I  said.
But see, I turned a certain leaf.
Turned so maybe, probably  I could fit.
But in this fit
The recognition I sort was to no fit.
I still didn’t fit.
After running up And down in your heart to fit.
Maybe I was a tad unfit.
Please Uplift
That’s what I told the flame that didn’t seem to lit.
Turns out there’s more to the flame than just it.
Well that’s just it.
There’s a greater power to you and that’s just it.


The crowd said,

‘Yes we will surely be glad to watch you lose’

but you see, it is also written that the capstone was the stone the builders refused.

No!wait,wait, it is not yet time to be moved.

What you should know is about Christ,i think you’ll be pretty much amused.

Because ,i was just a fragile soul until He made me a muse,

Yet I was the one who always got beat down and left feeling abused,

Always loyal to the crowds say until i realized i just got used.


The crowd said,

You ought to know every single verse of Nicki’s latest rap.

So you’ll sit down and make sure you know all the abc’s of that rap.

Yet still,not even a bible verse a day to call it a wrap.

Why?They’ll tell you that’s crap.

But when you realize the magic behind God,you will be in awe and have no otherwise but to eventually clap.


The crowd said,

money,sex,drugs is what you actually need.

But you see,just like T412 I don’t even know what that means.

Because I know God,and He says’Dear I just needs you on your knees’

Because at the end of the day,its Him i will ever need.


The crowd said,

You are quit weak.

You’ll back out even before the end of the week.

But i’m still here and i see i’m getting rather sleek.

Because this guy I serve,He is never meek.

He told me my child,a dog’s boot you will never lick.

And guess what,i believed.


The crowd still said,

‘You’ll never amount to anything.’

I laughed and said,the God i serve can give me pretty much anything.

Because you see,unlike you,He made actually, everything.

And you can sit there and mock all you want, but God will always be the in-thing.

So yes,the crowd has no say because i’m a christian and that’s just my thing!

#sucker for God!


The other day I dreamt about you,

Truth is, Sometimes, At times, okay most times, I think of you.

You Taught me many things I never knew, 

And each day I looked at you, 

That amazing love felt brand new. 

Never was it in my wildest thought, 

That I would Trade you For something that cannot be bought. 

he took you away, without my intersests at heart, 

And left behind a  mearly scattered heart. 

This creepy and heartless threat, 

Brought me further to the one’s I thought I had met. 

Then before I even knew it they all left.

OOh how i miss the days before you went,

Before maturity tapped me and said ‘ hey im next’ 

Still, Sometimes I think not, you shouldn’t have ever left. 

I mean, You could have helped me up that horse,

‘Could have held my hand when they operated on my nose.

You could have seen me receive all those tremendous Awards, 

And have me Teary just by your applause. 

But,  I get, I understand it was never your course.

Well, its quite clear we can barely heal from the scars death caused.

For You 

Mwelesa Senior!






So meek, yet so sleek
His smiles of Malice though, they make me sick.
Yet he still sits,
At the corner of my mind And sticks.
All those beautiful pics,
A sparke in my heart he definitely lits.
Though I try hard to put this off,
I can’t find a window to throw him off,
Neither a door to shut him off.
This is too much, enough!
But then again, he is like a candy coated blunt, I can’t help But take a puff.
Yet still I find myself talking to the inner me,
I’m like ‘Yoh Dee’
‘Yes me’
You can’t stoop to be so meek.
A dog’s boot you wont lick.
I thought you being so sleek.
Gather yourself and be quick!
But still.,
My inner demons never remain still,
Determined they always remain still.
For his heart, they plan to steal.
Mind clogged up with his reminiscion.
It was never a matter of discussion.
This is indeed a drug, and I can’t help But fall into its addiction.


With the open of golden doors,

I let in the ones who’ve shuttered most souls.

Aware of the severe warning loss,

Still i wasn’t bent in giving up on this course.

With smiles,i welcome these wolves to my abode of course,

Ooh how they talk with so much remorse.

Well,i feed them an exquisite five course,

Then get down to the main cause.

How much it is a delight,

of how they think me less in might,

When i plead them to stay for the night,

Yet i’m just in the mood to fight.

Of bullets and guns!

How a perfect dinner turns.

The servant of the royals can now stand.

The doom of the lord can finally land.

And i can finally pay my dues,to the bullets on my nightstand!


Yes,ignorance is bliss

But still she lays in her silent abyss

Trying to figure out her demons,she’s never in peace.

Holes and trenches,she’s dug them deep to every piece.

Silence!The only game she knows is of petals and leaves.

What did she do amiss?

Will she make it or leave?

But without him,she doesn’t think she can live.

Its with his touch,that her hair stands.

His whispers that make her go numb.

Sigh! ooh Lord.

The ring now controls the lord.

That was the valentine toad,

But sadly,the princess is in a BLEED MODE!


Thunder and lightning couldn’t compare,

To what proceeds to be more than just a flare.

Born in awe and to the crowds glare,

Sadly or not,there was more than meets the eye,wasn’t there?

Damaged and wounded,

A pretty soul wandered for affection to the bitter end.

Efforts run fruitless,and emotions run deep

All for their approval,and the promises they promised to keep.

“What  an object of disaster”They say

“A weapon,designed by a witty master”

Yet on a plain mirror,such a soft soul

Only suffers the critics of the ones shes held onto like a mole

But then again,

What do you do when its common perception

That your just an utter distraction?

Then i guess,

You remain to fight alone.

-To Beautiful Disasters.