Thunder and lightning couldn’t compare,

To what proceeds to be more than just a flare.

Born in awe and to the crowds glare,

Sadly or not,there was more than meets the eye,wasn’t there?

Damaged and wounded,

A pretty soul wandered for affection to the bitter end.

Efforts run fruitless,and emotions run deep

All for their approval,and the promises they promised to keep.

“What  an object of disaster”They say

“A weapon,designed by a witty master”

Yet on a plain mirror,such a soft soul

Only suffers the critics of the ones shes held onto like a mole

But then again,

What do you do when its common perception

That your just an utter distraction?

Then i guess,

You remain to fight alone.

-To Beautiful Disasters.


This wait is too long,

The eagerness is eating me up from my nerves.

The seconds are uncountable,

Don’t even speak about the ticking clock!

Sounds in my ears are put to a standstill,

I can now count the number and rate at which my heart beats.


I cant say i’m  afraid,i’m a lot shaken.

“Our Father” uttering,

will i dodge the bullet?

Thinking of aftermaths,’will it ,or will it not”

These are the days of prayer,

Preparing for the worst,but still hoping for the best!

It was never about that cast,

People ask me why? I don’t get an answer.

But its probably a wicked curse!




I accepted the challenge,and i went into war.

No brave one could be fought without strategic losses,so i was prepared.

I wouldn’t say the weather was alright,but i braved myself.

I knew i had to take the position,after all i was bestowed.

I fought the war and it got to my head,

The blood I drained

Fueled my strength!

Nothing i felt better than to pierce all straight to the chest.

It grew,and i knew what i had to do.

Get the head,and head back to the state.

But then i got bitten,

a secret weapon that made me less smitten.

I became paralyzed,

Incapable to utter,but quick to give in.

I watched,how skilfully  unleashed his sword

He had the element of surprise,

Took me by surprise,

and without wavering,he made his way to my heart.

And took away as a souvenir,a part.

He SLAYED me,and now i remain,his slave.





Manure and supplements,never a poison

But still,i got to enter the tube cage.

Fast pulse rates and heavy sighs,

Dropping down syringes and kneeling to pray!

But by stripes,arrived,

too much affection its barely hard to notice the wind.

Through blast furnaces,

you still strain to give me drops to quench my thirst

And heal my scars.

Seeing the rubbish that can turn to millions!

This is the story of a pirate,finding a map and the treasure too.

I am the pirate and you are my treasure.


You were my first love,

and i intend to be your last!




This love is locket bound

InKeys And chains crowned

You are exquisite, you got me on the 9th cloud

Everytime I think of you, my head spins round And round

Doh! Hormer I love you from up to down

Youmake me want to murder Marge Simpson

I like, I like, I love you Hormer Simpson




Yellow lights and ear to ear smiles

Short skirts and luminous tights.

The hour has dawned,for the dead to come to life.

Its with the drop of a miner’s axe,

That a farmer picks up his hoe.

Out with the oxen,he plans to plant.

Ploughing he does,with all he can.

He engrosses his might,in groans and moans

In sighs and smiles.

But the time is here,for the farmer to tone down.

Sweat his brow,and toast in awe.

In the moment he leaves his tools,

out in the cold.

Day breaks and scary nights

Chocking weeds and scary crows!

People go ahead and ask what happened  to the beautiful farm

But sadly enough,that’s just how the story is done!



You can’t go ahead if you keep living behind

Thoughts so collided,you’re messed up inside

They all think you’re the bad one

the messed up one,the dark one.

At times you think maybe you’re better off alone

Other times,you just need someone to hold.

You realize some things aren’t right when the one you confide in is the pillow alone.

You cry,you break,you hurt

And the only sound you can hear is the desperation of your breaking heart

But then again we are forced to tame the demons at heart

because till then,we wouldn’t be able to come up with this art!


I know of a certain beast

He roars at the command of his heart

And devours at the sight of his competitor

Hetrodds on grounds forbidden And claims superiority

Never will he accept  defeat

Norbow down over another’s feet

To his end he never thinks he will

But this, This is the beast I intend to Tame


She asked him his favorite position, He said C.E.O

commander in chief,major general!

He got legions he be rolling in major leagues

No i am not talking of demons

He be playing in striking teams.

He got girls marching up,he cant make up his mind

She halla but he says,girl wait up in line.

I tell you once your in front battle,you aint ducking his rifle

Big guns,his bullets hard he may make you a double.

Think straight princesses hes not going to jump a freaking puddle

No i don’t hate him,i just hope he dies in his own battle

Ooh you thought that was cold,

wait! i aint yet raged a cold war.

charming?no he cant match up a prince.